On August 12th I will be five, yes five, years CANCER FREE!! It seems like yesterday that I heard those dreaded words...


Life today means continuing to go to work, attending and volunteering at our church,Two Rivers Church, in Lenoir City, Tennessee and mentoring to others who find themselves diagnosed with cancer.


With my diagnosis of Stage III Ovarian Cancer and being nearly five years 'clean', the fear of a recurrence will always be in the back of my mind. I'm now back to check ups every three months but am looking forward to having my port taken out in the fall if things continue to go well.


A tradition we have when I go for a checkup is that my husband always brings my oncologist and his staff a treat. Here lately they are hooked on chocolate chip cookies from Chick-Fil-A. Blessing the staff at KGCS with cookies, a smile, and a 'thank you' is the least we can do for them for saving my life.


Cancer has changed sooooooo much in my life but it also made me see life in high definition. I love going and doing and seeing and feeling what life has to offer. In the words of one of my favorite organizations, First Descents, I'm a cancer survivor and fighter and I LOVE to get busy #OutLivingIt.

Participating and fundraising for C-TREC is one of the ways I get to do that!! Our C-TREC team hails from Kingston, TN and we bring the teal to the event!!! This will be the fifth time we've participated and we love it!!


Penny, this ride is for you sweet friend. Love you and miss you....



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