Pennys for the Cure Team Story

Cindy Livingston's Story:

I hate cancer. Five years ago I watched my beloved partner, Betty, go through breast cancer treatment and come out the other side strong, despite everything. I lost my father to lung cancer. One time recently I looked around our Thanksgiving table and realized that there were breast cancer survivors, an ovarian cancer survivor, a skin cancer survivor, and several folks missing because cancer had taken them. It seems that cancer is everywhere. That's why I do this ride. Oh, and I also enjoy the ride, the trail, the team, the spirit of the day. I love the commitment of the people involved. Gives me hope, and hope is something to grab wherever you can.


Susan Eddy's Story:

In Oct of 2003 my surgeon called to give me results of the path report. She told me I had cancer and would need surgery, 6 sessions of chemotherapy, 33 sessions of radiation, and 5 yrs of estrogen starving medication after all of that was finished. This news was a completely overwhelming shock to me. Even though my Mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer a few years prior, I thought it would not happen to me. But it did! I am happy to have survived the cancer and all that destructive treatment. While chemo, surgery and radiation are saving lives, these treatments are so very harsh. I think we can do better than that. I believe the human race is smart enough to find effective preventions for all types of cancers. This is why I commit myself to raise awareness and money for cancer research.

Please join us in finding the cure!


Betty Irwin's Story:

Five years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Some of the first people I called for help were Susan Eddy and Ruth Dubin. They dropped everything to come help and simply said that's what friends do. So when Susan's cousin Penny started organizing this ride and Susan asked for help, how could I not help? What I have learned is that fighting cancer takes a team. So if getting on a bike, riding on a beautiful trail with good friends and collecting donations will help win this fight, then that is what I will do. Together we can win this fight, please help!


Cathy Kohles and Belinda Mantz's Story:

Belinda and I have both been affected by cancer close to home. Both Belinda's sister and dad were diagnosed with stomach cancer. This was her sisters 3rd bout with cancer and she is now a 3-time survivor. Her dad beat the cancer, but unfortunately passed from other illnesses. I had an aunt that was not as fortunate. After fighting throat cancer for less than 1 year, she passed away. I also have another aunt who is currently fighting mouth cancer. It has been a long and difficult battle for her. And then there is my mother, diagnosed with breast cancer 1 year ago. To date, with radiation, she is now cancer free. While every story is not a success, with the help of institutes such as M.D. Anderson, they soon will be.


Ruth Dubin's Story:

I support C-TREC because too many people I love have had cancer, are living with cancer, or have died because of cancer!

My dear college friend Philip, the first cancer survivor I knew- 1975-who died at age 29 after fighting lung cancer, testicular cancer, and finally colon cancer.

My amazing mother Rita- who died with lung cancer at age 71- just 11 years older than I am now.

My beautiful life partner Susan- who is now almost 9 years surviving breast cancer, and an inspiration everyday.

Susan’s terrific parents, my second Mom and Dad- Harry died with lung cancer at only 74, and Betty is surviving breast cancer, lung cancer, and now on-going treatments for bladder cancer.

Our fantastic friend Mary Grindstaff, breast cancer survivor who is proving you can enjoy life in your eighties.

Our dear friend Marci, who left behind her husband and 9-year old son last year after bravely battling brain cancer for several years.

Our wonderful friend Betty who just threw herself a 5-year breast cancer survivor party.

My sweet sister Marie, with her diagnosis of breast cancer just two weeks ago.

And our awesome cousin Penny, who decided, with her incredible siblings and family, to respond to her diagnosis of the very rare cancer uterine Leiomyosarcoma by establishing this foundation to help fund research to end cancer!


I can see a very near future when we bike, walk, run, and hike only for FUN- because we have defeated cancer completely! This future is so close-!- and the only mammogram machines will be in museums! We will still work together like we are with C-TREC to make this world a better place - but cancer will be just a distant memory.


Can you see it too?

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